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Image of the Month By Joseph Adamson, MS2, Mina Altwail, PGY-2, and Dr. Shanna Jones, MD, FACEP The Case A male in his 30s with a history of esophageal stricture (dilatation 5 years ago) and GERD presents for persistent cough for 3 weeks.  Patient reported that he had an intermittent dry cough for many years... Continue Reading →

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A Word From Walters: The Warmer Weather is Upon Us – It is Drowning Season

With the warmer weather upon us (or at least I hope so) I would like to comment on drowning accidents, an issue that we will likely start to see. We have had pediatric drownings come into our department recently. One child was noted to be face down in a near-by hotel pool, CPR was started poolside... Continue Reading →

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By: Linnea Nierenberg MS-2, David Eisenbrey PGY-2, Katie Tausch PGY-3, Dr. Shanna Jones Case Presentation 83 y/o female presents to the ED by EMS from an assisted living facility with general weakness.  The patient was found by staff this morning laying on the floor. The patient states that she slid out of bed to the... Continue Reading →

ECG of the Month

ECG of the Month By: Meredith Allen MS-2, David Eisenbrey PGY-2, Dr. Shanna Jones The case A teenage female presented to the ED stating, “my heart is jumping around”.   She also complained of occasional painful cramping in her arms and legs as well as generalized abdominal discomfort. Her mother disclosed that the patient had been... Continue Reading →

ECG of the Month

ECG of the Month By: Matthew Drogowski, MS-4, Dr. Erica Marburger, PGY-2, and Dr. Shanna Jones A man in his 50s with a PMH for HTN and BPH presents to the ED via EMS for chest pain that worsened 1 hour prior to arrival. The pain radiates down his left arm. He was given aspirin... Continue Reading →

ECG of the Month

By: AJ Mells MS-4, Dr. Noah Halpern PGY-2, Dr. Albert Rocchini, Dr. Shanna Jones The Case: 56-year old female with a past medical history of diabetes and tobacco use presented to the ED with chest pain described as a “tight crushing sensation” for the past hour, which she rated as 8/10.  There was associated shortness of... Continue Reading →

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