Why Beaumont EM? by Fadi Kasyouhanan

Ranking Beaumont EM #1 was frankly pretty easy for me. Where else could I have had the opportunity to return home from Ohio and still be trained to be an excellent physician? We have lots of options in the Southeastern Michigan region, but Beaumont stood out to me! I remember living about 10 minutes away in Southfield as a youth and passing by the big hospital on 13 Mile Road. From the first time I met the leadership during my interview, to the time I shadowed Dr. Susan Bork during Second Look, I took away a few things: 1) how easy going the attendings were even with the high volume Beaumont sees, and 2) the high acuity of the patient population presenting to Beaumont. The positive feelings of matching to my #1 ranked ER program only continued during my time here. I’ve loved my time as a resident and then in a leadership role as a Chief Resident. I will continue contributing to the residency as an attending at Royal Oak later this year. So come say hi to us during our ER shifts!

Fadi Kasyouhanan, attending

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